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It takes just a few well placed decorations to create that festive image
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Anyone for party games after Christmas lunch?
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Christmas is a time for giving - give your friends a relatives a holiday to remember fondly

Luxurious cottage for an extravagant Christmas

Rent one of the best English holiday homes available for a sumptuous Christmas.

5 star cottages to rent for christmas week in EnglandThe end of the summer is when people’s minds begin to turn to Christmas. There are always those early Christmas trees in the shops to create a stir and raise a few groans, however, like it or not, it is the next big event and challenge in every family’s calendar.

Christmas is a time when families come together and share a celebration. The way we celebrate varies according to culture, customs and economics but most of us hope to enjoy our Christmas holiday. We may believe in gender equality but much of the planning and preparation is still undertaken by women. Blame it on evolution, expectations or women’s greater sensitivity to their children’s needs and desires; Christmas is a time when the ladies work their magic to give their nearest and dearest a good experience. Christmas being a time of celebration and indulgence, plans include food, drink, presents and decorating the home to create that festive atmosphere. People who can afford the extra expense sometimes rent a large luxurious home in England in the countryside where they can recreate a lavish traditional Christmas with an enormous tree, log fires and invite the whole family.

luxury cottage to rent for ChristmasSpending Christmas in someone else’s holiday home that has plenty of room for cousins, aunts and uncles can be memorable. In accord with the season’s goodwill message, it is nice to think of those relatives who may be otherwise spending Christmas alone. We all have a limited number of Christmases to enjoy and one of the best gifts that anyone could give is to make Christmas good for the people we know and love.

The ways to a fantastic Christmas are as varied as the gift wish lists. Some people hope to become better acquainted with their television, others to relax with a drink and good book, others to spend time with the children or socialising with the relatives. Trying to cater for each individual is an impossible task, however, extending hospitality and allowing friends and relatives to share our home, warmth, food and drink is within the realms of reality.

Guests can be surprising, especially if they are informed of plans and some may offer the help or bring useful items. This kind of help makes a big difference to family get-togethers in rented Christmas cottages. If one brings a favourite games, another decorations, another provides the crackers and accessories, everyone then feels involved and part of the big party.

Christmas holidays can be great fun

Visit the local Christmas market, enjoy country pubs with a festive atmosphere.

sledging in the snow in the north of englandEveryone makes that extra special effort for Christmas. If you do happen to rent a cottage to spend Christmas away from home, going out and about exploring can be fascinating. Pubs and restaurants have plenty of colour and cheer. Shopping centres are full of people scurrying about for last minute items and we all get caught along with the festive flow.

If you rent a cottage in the north of England, there may be a high chance of snow, sledging and instant entertainment for the children.

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A truly magnificent Christmas

Christmas can be a magical time, a time of plenty, when champagne flows freely and homes are filled with treats.

Make your Christmas one to remember by getting together with friends and relatives in a large luxurious house, somewhere in England. Enjoy dining together, playing games, singing, walks in the country, exploring somewhere new in England. Make this Xmas 5 star and unforgettable.

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